Sustainability cross-sectoral assessment into Non-destructive inspection technologies

Date: 23 April 2024                                  Time: 15:00 CET                              Organised by: EURA & Zabala

Key topics:

  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) 
  • Life cycle costing (LCC)
  • Social impact analysis (SLCA)

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Weld inspection with EMAT (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: May 2024                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Innerspec

AI applied to AV for quality inspection in industrial domain: technologies, examples and insights (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: June 2024                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Video Systems

OCT as a non-destructive inspection technology (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: September 2024                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Norblis & DTU


State-of-the-art of ML-based 3D object detection and classification for industrial applications (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: November 2024                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Fraunhofer IGD

AI-based Thermal Imaging Inspection for Thermoforming (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: December 2024                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: SIEMENS

Webinar on data annotation, manual and automatic, with lab training (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: January 2025                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Universitat Politècnica de València

Weld Inspection using process monitoring data (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: February 2025                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: AIMEN

Visual NDI from multiple images (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: March 2025                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Instituto Tecnológico de Informática

Hybrid Digital Twins as NDI techniques for manufacturing processes (REGISTRATION PENDING)

Date: April 2025                                  Time: TBD                              Organised by: Ikerlan & ERREKA


Acoustic Emission for Bearing Failure Detection WEBINAR

29th February 2024

Key topics: Acoustic Emission technique; Predictive Maintenance framework; Slow-rotating Bearing Failure

Organised by: Dira Reliability


27th March 2024

Key topics: Introduction to Thermoforming; Digital Twin Applications in the Industry; Modeling of Heating Stages in Thermoforming; Data acquisition and calibration; An Industrial Use Case

Organised by: Simularge

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