pilot one

Goal: find a more efficient, cost effective, and agile system to carry out the visual and dimensional inspection of thermoplastics parts processed by injection moulding. 

Expected outcomes

  • 100% produced parts inspected and scrap significatively reduced. 
  • a significative improvement in the use of raw materials
  • a new quality level, reinforcing the quality standards of the delivered products.

Expected improvements: ↓ 9-12% energy consumption, ↓ 8-12% GHG emissions, ↓ 2-3% waste and rejection rates. ↑ 7-10% the productivity and 3-5% global savings

Solution: ZDZW Visual Inspection Suite

pilot two

Goal: fully optimized thermoforming process for refrigerator inner body production based on innovative AI-enhanced thermal imaging and processing features

Expected outcomes: 

  • Quality increase of manufacturing process and scrap ratio reduction
  • Increase of the controllability of the manufacturing process
  • Successfully feedback to machine to optimize its parameters automatically

Expected improvements: ↓ 8% Scrap ratio, ↓ 10% energy consumption; ↑ 10% efficiency; ↑ 25% data quality and 2,3M€/year global savings

Solution: ZDZW Thermal Inspection Suite

pilot three

Goal:  reduce defects of welding and painting during the wind turbine tower manufacturing process

Expected outcomes

  • reduction of repairing costs for welding processes
  • improvement of automatic defect detection and feedback for real-time monitoring and welding control
  • minimisation of direct involvement of operators during welding under complex conditions 
  • improvement of inspection-repair time in the painting process

Expected improvements: ↓ 15% reduction of repairing costs for welding, ↑ 25% inspection-repair time for painting; ↑ detection and repair of 98% of all defects prior delivery

Solution: ZDZW Integrity and Thermal Inspection Suites

pilot four

Goal: monitor the induction hardening process in real-time for bolt manufacturing used in the wind industry

Expected outcomes:

  • reduction of required destructive tests 
  • increase of productivity and scrap reduction
  • improvement of component internal mechanical properties (better, more durable, and lighter).

Expected improvements: ↓25% energy consumption, ↓ 50% waste, ↓ 100.000€ production cost/year; ↑ 33% production

Solution: ZDZW Integrity Inspection Suite

pilot five

Goal: cost-effective in-line inspection of ceramic antenna modules used for in-vivo medical applications

Expected outcomes:

  • Defect identification to stop the process without wasting hours or days of machine time
  • Process optimisation via real-time adjustment of the printing parameters such as speed, temperature, amount of material and pressure chamber temperature
  • A quality statement record for each and every component can be provided based on the recorded data. 

Expected improvements: ↓50% rejected antenna modules, ↓ 2,5t of ceramic/year, ↓12,5% energy consumption; ↑ 9M€/year savings

Solution: ZDZW Integrity Inspection Suite

pilot six

Goal: real-time control of the coffee capsule forming process, monitoring the quality of individual and assembled components during the various phases of capsule assembly.

Expected outcomes:

  • Reduce of the actual use of current destructive sample testing
  • Limiting the rejection only to the defective capsules
  • Reduce of energy and material waste including the expensive one of the raw material, i.e. coffee.

Expected improvements: ↓ 10t/year or generated waste, ↓ 1% defects, ↓1% energy consumption

Solution: ZDZW Visual Inspection Suite

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