Imagine a world where zero waste is produced. Ambitious but not impossible – even in manufacturing, where profits are often prized over sustainable production.
If you want this to be turned into a reality, you are at the right place.

✨ Welcome to the ZDZW family✨ 

If you haven´t heard about us yet, let us give you a few hints about who we are and what you will find here:

✅ ZDZW is an EU-funded project that addresses defects and waste reduction in three key areas that cover the entire manufacturing process and product life cycle – from monitoring and control improvement to digitally enhanced rework and repair.

✅ In the ZDZW blog, you can find news and information about sustainable production, zero-waste manufacturing and non-destructive inspection technologies, among other topics related to our project. In this context, we want to take advantage of this first post to inform you that ZDZW is already part of the Zero Defect Manufacturing community through its participation in
the 4ZDM Cluster and ZDM Subplatform under Manufuture.

We hope that our blog will be a place where people will come to read interesting, relevant,and thought-provoking content.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to follow our blog, bookmark us, and/or sign up for our newsletter, which lists all the blog topics we cover each period.

Thanks for stopping by!
The ZDZW Team.

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