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  • What are the current challenges of the manufacturing industry?
  • What is the context of Non-Destructive Inspection technologies?

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What are the current challenges of the Manufacturing Industry?
Manufacturing companies are continuously facing the challenge of improving their manufacturing systems to adapt their process to produce goods to specific requirements and produce under the minimum production rate, guaranteeing high quality and limiting the use of resources to reduce production costs.
Indeed, in the context of increased European manufacturing industries’ dependency on third countries’ resources, alongside the need for sustainable use of natural resources, reducing waste in the manufacturing environment is considered a key priority.
During the last decades, several quality management methodologies and tools, such as sensors and automated processes, have been implemented in European manufacturing companies to improve quality management and reduce variability in manufacturing goods. Especially during the last decade, several innovation initiatives have targeted zero-defect approaches to develop solutions to improve process control performance by incorporating enhanced quality control solutions. In this context, the implementation of zero-defect strategies plays a decisive role.


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Don’t miss a second and learn EVERYTHING about the current challenges of the manufacturing industry and the context of Non-destructive Inspection Technologies, and discover the three main reasons why the NDI is projected to be registering a CAGR of 5.28% in 2025

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